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Vehicle Donations

Why Donate a Vehicle

Have an old car? Donate it to Driving Successful Lives - We are Your Best Choice for Donating a Car That Really Helps!


Simple 2 Step Process only takes minutes!

Free pick up

Receipt usually mailed within 24 hours

Get the highest possible tax deduction

Your Donation Helps People In Need. So donate automobiles to help us in Driving Successful Lives!


Last year we and our partner organizations helped scores of people in need. Here are just a few of the programs you help fund when you donate a car:

Feed the hungry hot meals daily

Emergency shelter for vulnerable woman, children and men

Shelter and job training for homeless veterans

Long term care, housing and services for forgotten seniors

The joy of Christmas for many, many children 

Youth programs transforming the lives of children

Community programs for all

Treatment for victims of drug addictions.


If you have an unwanted used car, donate it and help us help today.


Real Estate Donations

Why Donate Real Estate

There are many great reasons to consider donating real estate to charity. Typically, our donors have been motivated to give for reasons including substantial tax deductions, freedom from unwanted property holdings, quick turnaround on real estate assets, efficient liquidation of corporate real estate, and ultimately, the ideal way to give a generous gift to a favorite charity.

Regardless of your reasons, we can guide you in your decision to donating. Every year, we help hundreds of people nationwide contribute virtually all types of property including:

Residential houses or land

Industrial buildings (abandoned) or land

Apartments or condominiums

Most types of mortgages

Properties subject to life estates

Commercial property

Vacant land

Hotel buildings

Contract for deed

Sandwich leases


Overall, donating real estate provides a unique opportunity to give back to the community. Our donors experience the rewards and benefits of property donation first hand.

Check out the difference we've made so far.......